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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


MYCITY STREETWEAR is a streetwear/clubwear-based clothing brand founded in Montreal. Our goal is to bring people and communities together as one and represent their city altogether with passion. 


It all started with us three best friends, John, Anthony, and Massimo. We started a Montreal-based youtube channel back in 2018 and then had the idea of creating a merchandise lineup representing it. 


During the height of the Covid pandemic at the beginning of 2021, the idea of our brand started to form. The brand's ideology was formed based on the fact of being isolated from friends, family, all fun social aspects, and from places around the world. MYCITY’s objective is to bring everyone back together over time and to grow an inclusive community of amazing people that show their love for their city.

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Our mission is to first bring people of the city together as a whole representing their city with passion and then create a connected community between all different cities. This demonstrates that even though we might be distant from one another, we are still part of an amazing connected community.


Through our clothes, we want to create a personal bond between the individual and the MYCITY community connected to their city every day.

Through our events, we want to solidify this bond by giving a real-life sense of connection to our community and city by creating outstanding social experiences.


Our vision is to expand to cities across the world and continue to grow the passionate city communities and create a great intercity connection, bringing all cities of the world together as one. As we grow we envision supporting and helping with projects that have a positive impact on communities and cities, from climate-related to social.

Image by Alex Shutin
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